KG Prime to Launch for the ARM Industry

June 8, 2015
By Cornerstone Staff

Mike Ginsberg, of Kaulkin Ginsberg, recently announced a new service for companies and individuals in the ARM industry. KG Prime. He wrote an article for insideARM explaining the service and its benefits.


A Call to Action for Accounts Receivable Management Firms

I am personally calling on the owners and executives of collection agencies, collection law firms, debt buyers, tech vendors and other accounts receivable management (ARM) companies tasked with making critical decisions about profitable expansion.  It is time to take action.

In light of vast regulatory changes, client pressures, escalating operating costs and lackluster economic recovery since the Great Recession, it is critical that decision makers like you are accessing relevant and timely information about the market that we service.

I am proud to announce the launch of KG Prime; a distinctive, member-only information service designed exclusively for the leaders of accounts receivable management (ARM) firms.  Members will get the exclusive benefits of the following offerings:

  1. Market Intelligence – Kaulkin Ginsberg is researching particular market segments within accounts receivable management and we will provide KG Prime members market intelligence reports. Not only will members receive access to the research to share with their staff, they will also have a say in future research topics.
  2. Bi-Annual Industry Review – We will provide KG Prime members with a written bi-annual review covering critical topics impacting the ARM industry, such as macroeconomic factors, developing market trends, regulatory compliance, mergers and acquisitions, and our predictions for the industry.   A copy of our latest industry compilation, The Accounts Receivable Management Review: Opportunities Abound will be sent to you free of charge once you join.
  3. Leadership Surveys – Members will be required to participate in regular surveys and polls that our experts conduct to collect, analyze, and interpret leadership perception on the most pressing trends, issues, and advancements impacting our industry. We will not infringe upon anyone’s confidential information.  We will exclusively share aggregated results with KG Prime members, and you will have a voice in future topics.
  4. Interactive Quarterly Webinars – We will host quarterly webinars that will only be accessible to Prime members. We will address current events impacting the ARM industry and conduct an open Q&A session with participants.

Over time, we will find ways to expand this resource with the goals of continuously gathering critical and relevant market data.  We value your participation and will listen to your suggestions.  As trusted advisors to the ARM industry for nearly 25 years, Kaulkin Ginsberg understands the value of having the most up-to-date industry data when it comes to making critical business decisions.  We are the only advisory firm to consistently develop market intelligence designed to support strategic business decisions. Through KG Prime, we are now providing this information to you and your company on an exclusive basis.

Our goal is to create a community to share essential and timely information among the key decision-makers in the ARM industry. We hope you will join us in this new endeavor.

If you already signed up for KG Prime, I thank you.  Your participation will only enhance the data we are able to provide.  If you haven’t signed up already please email me at [email protected] with the words “I’m interested” in the subject line and I will get you started.  Thank you.


Cornerstone Staff

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