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Cornerstone Partners

White Label Services

Our White Label Service presents an exceptional solution for both our partners and their clientele. This service allows us to navigate the complexities of the licensing process on behalf of our partners, liberating their time and resources to concentrate on their core competencies – serving their clients, while we ensure timely and accurate licensing submissions. Licensing can indeed be a daunting task, but our proficient team is equipped to manage it seamlessly.

With our guidance and support, our partners can confidently include licensing services, as well as bonding, insurance, and other support services, into their comprehensive client offerings, without the burden of keeping up with all of the compliance intricacies.

It’s a win-win scenario – our partners can deliver superior services while guaranteeing a smooth, hassle-free licensing journey for their clients, without overloading their team with the complexities of licensing. Effortlessly incorporate our expert-level White Label Service into your own brand today, offering your clients unrivaled compliance solutions. Fill out the contact form to learn more about joining the Cornerstone Partners program.

Service you can trust with 25 years of licensing experience

Add licensing support to your catalog of services without the hassle

All communication flows as if you are providing the service

Cornerstone Partners

Portfolio Discounting

As an investment company, having multiple businesses to manage can be a complex task. At Cornerstone, we recognize the intricate nature of your job and strive to make it easier and more profitable for you. We offer a specialized service, designed to take care of the licensing needs for all of your businesses. This means less hassle for your investment companies by having experts take care of their licensing, bonding, insurance, and other compliance support services. As well as less cost compared to having a law firm take care of the licensing where they charge by the hour or having an in-house person devoted to licensing work and not on revenue producing opportunities. This all leads to more time for them to focus on what matters: growing your investment, their business.

To provide more value for you and further reduce your costs, we’ve introduced a tiered Portfolio Discount program. This program is curated to provide great discounts depending on the level of engagement you have with Cornerstone. The more businesses you entrust us with, the more you save. This way, you not only get to benefit from our exemplary service but also make significant cost savings. Partner with us today and let us help you streamline your operations while also maximizing your investment potential.

Tiered discounts at 5, 10, 15, and 20+ businesses

Reduced operational costs for your investments

Licensing experts with over 25 years of experience

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Cornerstone Partners

Referral Program

Do you know someone who could benefit from Cornerstone’s services? We offer licensing, bonds, insurance, and other compliance support services. Fill out the short form and we’ll connect them with one of our experts to determine how we can best support them. 

The Cornerstone Referral Program rewards individuals or entities for referring potential leads. Here’s how it works: you refer potential business to us, and in return, you receive a finder’s fee whenever a deal with one of your referrals successfully closes. This referral system is an excellent way for you to earn additional revenue. You receive a percentage of the contract value, boosting your financial gains significantly with each successful conversion. Our aim is to create a mutually beneficial partnership that fosters growth and prosperity for all parties involved.

To ensure transparency and ease of tracking, we have a deal tracking system for all leads a partners refers to us. With this system, you can keep track of where your referred deals are in the negotiation process, assess the likelihood of closure, and even project what to expect in revenue from the deal upon closure. This makes the process straightforward and reduces questions you may have. With Cornerstone’s Referral Program, you can transform your network into a lucrative income stream, all while helping businesses free themselves from the burden of licensing.

Refer Businesses

Provide a warm introduction for our sales team to the lead

Track Progress

See status of deal, likelihood of close, and what to expect in revenue from the deal upon closure in our referral portal

Receive Finder's Fee

30 days after we receive funding, we’ll pay you a finder’s fee

Cornerstone Partners

Who We Partner with

Is the partnership program right for you?

Private Equity Investors

Are you an investment company looking to maximize your return? We offer tiered Portfolio Discounts so you save more depending on engagement level.

Legal Assessment
Law Firms

Are you a law firm that wanting to save on operational costs while still providing exceptional service to clients needing licensing? Utilize our White Label Service and charge a “licensing fee” to your client. Freeing up your team’s time.

Don’t handle licensing in-house or would rather send your clients to work with us? Refer clients to us through our Referral Progam and receive a finder’s fee after we close the business.


Consulting Firms

Are you a consulting firm wanting to provide a recommendation to your clients that you know you can trust? We have over 25 years of licensing experience and are one of the highest rated in our industry. Increase your revenue through our Referral Program.

Tech Firm
Software Companies

Are you a software company offering support to industries where licensing is necessary? With our White Label Service you can provide a new service offering to your clients without the risks of building out a licensing department and the cumbersome nature of keeping up with licensing statutes.

Rather refer your clients to us? Increase your revenue through our Referral Program. We have over 25 years of licensing experience and are one of the highest rated in our industry.

Start Up Advisor
Start-up Advisors

Do you advise start-ups on the best way to grow their in the initial stages? We can assist with a number of support services such as business formation, as well as ensuring they are properly licensed, bonded, and insured. Refer clients to us and receive a finder’s fee upon closing. Learn more about our Referral Program.

If you want to increase your product offering for the start-ups you advise to include licensing, bonding, support services, and insurance without increasing your overhead, then utilize our White Label Service.


Are you a CPA who serves businesses that require licensing? You can increase your catalog of services through our White Label Service without needing to build out a new department.

Want to increase revenues without the new service offering? Refer clients to us and maximize your return from the relationship with them. See our Referral Program for more details.


Do you need to run background checks as part of doing business with your company? Automate entity good standing research as part of due diligence with our background check services. Connect with us to learn more.

Want to refer your clients to us to ensure their licenses are completed correctly? See our Referral Program for more details.

Real Estate
Real Estate Brokers

Do you own real estate brokerages? Let us take care handling your realtors licensing so they can focus on selling more rather than back office work. We offer tiered Portfolio Discounts so you save more depending on engagement level. 

Affiliate Referrers

Online publishers and internal marketers can publish information about Cornerstone services and earn referral commissions. Increase your revenue through our Referral Program and recommend a compliance company that your followers will love.


Additional Partners
Additional Situations

Don’t see your industry but feel we would make great partners? We love new ideas and new ways of partnering with great companies. Reach out to discuss a custom partnership option.

Cornerstone Partners

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Become a Cornerstone Partner today and unlock new avenues for generating substantial revenue and enhancing your service offerings. We offer the industry’s best licensing, bonds, and insurance solutions. 


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 Our Services

Addressing The Needs Of Your Clients

We’ve assembled a team of expert licensing specialists and we’ve designed systems and processes to give you the licensing solutions you need.

Initial Licensing
Initial Licensing

We work closely with you, guiding you along the way as we gather all of the specific details needed. Then, we handle all of the filings everywhere. Learn More.

licensing renewal
Renewal Licensing

We track all renewal and annual report deadlines, submitting every filing on time to every jurisdiction. Learn More.

Legal Assessment
Legal Assessment

When legal guidance is needed, we connect you with licensing legal counsel to examine your business model in light of specific state statutes and regulations. Learn More.

Background Screenings
Background Screenings

We screen in all 50 states (and internationally) with most criminal background searches completed in less than a day. Learn More.

registered agents
Resident Agents

We provide you with registered agents, making the licensing process quick and easy. Learn More.

resident mangers
Resident Managers

We connect you with resident managers, helping you check all of the boxes for states that require a physical location. Learn More.

portfolio assessment
Gap Assessment

Failure to correctly report corporate change notifications can be costly and significant. We handle it all. Learn More.

Corporate Change
Corporate Changes

Failure to correctly report corporate change notifications can be costly and significant. We handle it all. Learn More.

Gap Assessment
Portfolio Assessment

For those who outsource recovery programs, we research your portfolio of agencies to give you the confidence your partners are appropriately licensed. Learn More.

business formation
Business Formation

We help you establish your business, handling all of the required documentation. This is a critical first step and we’ll help you do it right. Learn More.

surety bonds
Surety Bonds

We realize the need for speed when it’s a matter of securing surety bonds. Because we understand the underwriting process, we work fast. Learn More.


While insurance is not a service of licensing, it is a product of great convenience to our clients. Our in-house brokerage solution is one you can trust. Learn More.

Program Information

What industries does Cornerstone serve?

Cornerstone serves various industries including accounts and receivables management such as debt collection & buying, consumer and commercial lenders, money service businesses, mortgage businesses, and other financial service related companies.

When Are Finder's Fees Disbursed?

30 days after we close the business deal

How can I contact Cornerstone for more information?

Fill out the interest form on this page and our partnerships team will reach out to connect with you.

Who can become a Cornerstone Partner?

Any business entity that shares common goals with Cornerstone and is interested in fostering a strong business relationship can be part of the Cornerstone Partners program. The program is not limited to specific industries and encourages partnerships from diverse sectors.

Are there any costs involved in joining the Cornerstone Partners program?

The program is free to join

During our 18 years in the industry, we've been served by over 100 vendors. Simply stated, Cornerstone is the best vendor we have ever had.

Client Since 2006

I've been working with Cornerstone for years now. I was suddenly asked to take on the responsibility of licenses for our company with little to no training. Cornerstone was a tremendous help to me navigating the many ins and outs of the licensing process.

Client Since 2013

Excellent customer service and provide great support in meeting the renewals deadlines.

Susan J.

The specialists are GREAT! They are knowledgeable, efficient, thorough, and friendly!

Client Since 2020