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We Stay Focused On What We Do Best — LICENSING

And, that’s why we’re the best in the industry at helping you obtain and renew your licensing. When we do what we do best, you’re free to do what you do best — grow your business.

You don’t have time for distractions. We give you a solution that frees you from the burden of licensing – one that’s done right, on time, every single time.

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Our Services

Addressing Your Needs

We’ve assembled a team of expert licensing specialists and we’ve designed systems and processes to give you the licensing solutions you need.

Initial Licensing
Initial Licensing

We work closely with you, guiding you along the way as we gather all of the specific details needed. Then, we handle all of the filings everywhere. Learn More.

licensing renewal
Renewal Licensing

We track all renewal and annual report deadlines, submitting every filing on time to every jurisdiction. Learn More.

Legal Assessment
Legal Assessment

When legal guidance is needed, we connect you with licensing legal counsel to examine your business model in light of specific state statutes and regulations. Learn More.

Background Screening
Background Screenings

We screen in all 50 states (and internationally) with most criminal background searches completed in less than a day. Learn More.

Registered Agents
Registered Agents

We provide you with registered agents, making the licensing process quick and easy. Learn More.

resident mangers
Resident Managers

We connect you with resident managers, helping you check all of the boxes for states that require a physical location. Learn More.

portfolio assessment
Gap Assessment

Failure to correctly report corporate change notifications can be costly and significant. We handle it all. Learn More.

Corporate Change
Corporate Changes

Failure to correctly report corporate change notifications can be costly and significant. We handle it all. Learn More.

Gap Assessment
Portfolio Assessment

For those who outsource recovery programs, we research your portfolio of agencies to give you the confidence your partners are appropriately licensed. Learn More.

business formation
Business Formation

We help you establish your business, handling all of the required documentation. This is a critical first step and we’ll help you do it right. Learn More.

surety bonds
Surety Bonds

We realize the need for speed when it’s a matter of securing surety bonds. Because we understand the underwriting process, we work fast. Learn More.


While insurance is not a service of licensing, it is a product of great convenience to our clients. Our in-house brokerage solution is one you can trust. Learn More.

Done Right

On Time

every time

Every Time

Client Portal

Manage All Your Licenses In One Place

With Cornerstone, you have real-time access to your licenses and bonds. The system proactively alerts you to potential gaps in your coverage as well notifying you of upcoming due dates.

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