Client Portal

All Your Licenses Managed In One Place


Client Portal

Relieving The Burden of Licensing

Our industry-leading state licensing and bonds repository, gives clients unprecedented access to a dashboard displaying the most relevant licensing and bonds information. Keep track of all your bonds and licenses in one place that is easy to search and filter to find exactly what you’re looking for. Our mission to free you from the burden of licensing so you and your team can get back to the work on growing your business. Our Portal gives you the peace of mind to go do so but with the tool of being able to easily access any information related to your licensing and bonds in a few quick clicks. 

Dashboard to display relevant licensing & bond information

An interactive map of your licenses and bonds per state

Downloadable licensing & bond certificates

“Cornerstone provides us with what we need, confidence that they have the right answer when we need it.

Client Portal


No More Lost Paperwork

Operating across various states means your licenses and bonds are also often scattered across many places. Our Client Portal stores all of your licenses and bonds in one place. Allowing you to view and download copies of all of the licenses you hold making it easy to provide documentation on your licenses if required.


Quickly generate reports of your licensing and bonds statuses by state, branch, and license type. See where your gaps are in your compliance with this easy to use reporting tool.

Status & History

In our Portal, see the current status of all in-progress licenses that we are working on obtaining on your behalf. As well as reivew a work history of all we do to make sure you’re in compliance.

Client Portal


Cornerstone’s online client portal is an excellent tool that offers a range of benefits to customers. With the portal, you can easily manage your licenses and bonds, access your account information, and view your invoices. The portal also provides a secure platform where customers can share documents and track projects. Check out our short 90 second demo to:

  • Discover highlights of what the online client portal has to offer
  • Experience the ease and convenience it provides
  • Learn the robust features it provides to help you manage your compliance more efficiently and effectively

Our experts are excited and ready to answer your questions about how our Cornerstone portal can benefit your particular organization! When you’re ready to move forward, connect with us to gain all these benefits plus the help of a dedicated specialist to move one step closer to freeing yourself from the burden of licensing. 

During our 18 years in the industry, we've been served by over 100 vendors. Simply stated, Cornerstone is the best vendor we have ever had.

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I've been working with Cornerstone for years now. I was suddenly asked to take on the responsibility of licenses for our company with little to no training. Cornerstone was a tremendous help to me navigating the many ins and outs of the licensing process.

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Excellent customer service and provide great support in meeting the renewals deadlines.

Susan J.

The specialists are GREAT! They are knowledgeable, efficient, thorough, and friendly!

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Thousands of Companies Have Been Freed From The Burden Of Licensing

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