Cornerstone Specialist to Run Her First Marathon

September 18, 2019
By Cornerstone Staff
Jennifer Kim 1

Jennifer Kim (left) chronicles her workout via a photo taken with her neighbor, Yuni.

Jennifer Kim, one of Cornerstone’s licensing specialists, is training for her first marathon in Savannah, GA on November 2.  Jennifer, who graduated from UGA, spent the first part of her career life as an elementary teacher.  She left teaching to work in the financial industry before finding her new home here as a licensing specialist at Cornerstone Support.

Jennifer is passionate about life and health, including nutrition and exercise.  She even serves as a diet coach and helps others with exercise planning.  Next month, she is turning 40 and wants to celebrate by running her first marathon.  She asked her neighbor, Yuni, who is also turning 40, if she would run a marathon with her.  After an initial, “No!” both women have set their minds and bodies on a collision course with their first marathon.

Jennifer has begun a three-month training program that includes daily running on weekdays and a long run once per weekend.  The plan builds up the runner’s mileage from 8 miles per weekend up to 20 miles per weekend in preparation for the final 26.2-mile run.  She chose a marathon in Savannah because she’s admittedly not quite ready for the hilly terrain around the Atlanta area.  She’s learned to manage her body’s needs during the run by replenishing electrolytes more than just rehydrating.  This past Friday, under a 97-degree sun, she suffered heat exhaustion.  “Running really stretches your body as it takes 2 to 3 days to recuperate after each long run” explained Jennifer.

When asked what life lessons she has learned from her training, she answered, “When you hit a wall or have a mental block because of the overwhelming number of miles you have left, you have to overcome your self-doubt. It has to be mind over matter.”  She credits having a partner as a huge motivation to press forward in those stretching moments.  Some runners who hear she is preparing for a marathon have asked her what her marathon goal time is. Jennifer has set a goal to successfully cross the finish line.

When asked if there was any similarity to training for a marathon and working as a licensing specialist at Cornerstone Jennifer said, “Yes.  Licensing has lots of follow-up and multi-tasking.  It requires me to be patient with myself and to stay steady with the learning process.”   Cornerstone Support wishes Jennifer and her neighbor, Yuni, a very successful first marathon!


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